Penguins At Boulders Beach

With a coastal drive and a colony of African Penguins waiting, the one hour drive from Cape Town to Boulders Beach is totally worth it. Situated just outside of Simons Town, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to swim with these majestic birds. We also viewed them from the boardwalk at a designated penguin-only beach. With limited parking and every tourist wanting to see the birds, we advise that you get to the beach early – especially on a clear, windless day. Remember to respect the penguins and their home. Do not touch, feed or chase after them. Let the penguins come to you – don’t crowd around them as they will panic and run away.

Join Us On The Beach

Cost: R45 ($4,50) for adults and R 20 ($2) for children. Cost includes entry to both the view boardwalk and the beach.

Have you ever swam with any exotic sea creatures?
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