We’ve Released The Freemadic Guide To Cape Town

After almost a year of researching, writing and editing, we’ve finally released The Freemadic Guide To Cape Town. This guide is the first in a series of destination guides aimed at location independent travellers – whether you are a volunteer, vagabond, digital nomad or retiree.

The Freemadic Guide to Cape Town is a 96-page PDF guide written for location independent travellers by location independent travellers. We’ve combined our experience of living in Cape Town with additional online research to give you an honest representation of what to expect and what you need to know to best plan and enjoy your visit to The Mother City.

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What Makes The Freemadic Guide To Cape Town Different From Other Guides?

Freemadic as a brand goes against sugarcoating anything we experience. If you’re looking for an honest guide that isn’t trying to sell you a city, but rather help you find a city that you’d love to work, play and live in, then this is the guide for you.

We answer all the most frequently asked questions and save you the time of doing your own research.

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