11 Best iPhone Apps That I Use As A Digital Nomad

The best mobile apps simplify and enrich our lives by meeting a need in a useful, fun and easy way. Here are 11 of my favourite iPhone apps that I use while travelling – tried, tested, recommended and mostly free.

11 Best iPhone Apps That I Use As A Digital Nomad

1. Google Maps (Free)

Turn-by-turn voice navigation, travel time estimates, public transport info, traffic alerts, street view, business listings and reviews are all features that make this app indispensable. Link to App Store

2. new My Maps ($4.99)

This is the best app for accessing ‘My Maps’ on the Google Maps platform – either your own maps or maps that have been shared with you. I regularly create custom maps for destinations and this app let’s me access these maps on my iPhone. Link to App Store

3. Dropbox (Free)

The Dropbox app gives you access to all your files in your Dropbox right on your iPhone. Favouriting a file let’s you access that file offline. Great for flight and accommodation confirmations or any other documents you need at your fingertips. Link to App Store

4. Workflowy (Free)

Workflowy is my digital notepad and has become a digital extension of my brain. I create lists of travel tips, attractions and GPS coordinates. This app let’s me access all my lists on my iPhone. Try Workflowy for free and use this link to get 2x the space on your free plan. The Workflowy app syncs with the web app. Link to App Store

5. Scanner Pro ($2.99)

This app makes it simple to scan a paper document to create a digital copy. You can also then upload your scans to most popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. Link to App Store

6. TripAdvisor (Free)

Reviews, photos and maps by travellers for traveller. This app makes it easy to find the best accommodation, restaurants and fun things to do. Link to App Store

7. Day One ($4.99)

Designed to encourage you to write about your journey – enter your memories, ideas, events and photos. I use this in conjunction with One Day for Mac. Link to App Store

8. XE Currency (Free)

Get live Forex rates and convert every world currency with this currency exchange app, including Bitcoin. Link to App Store

9. World Time Buddy (Free)

This app let’s you compare time zones, making it simple to schedule a virtual meeting or online call with participants in multiple time zones. Link to App Store

10. FaceTime, Google Hangouts & Skype (Free)

Video calls has become a frequent reality. Depending on the call recipient and the performance of each app, one of these apps will get the job done.

11. WhatsApp, iMessage or Messenger (Free)

The three instant messaging apps that I use most frequently. iMessage works best for other iOS users. Whats App is great for sending media and Facebook’s Messenger is great for chatting with Facebook friends.

What are your favourite travel apps? Do you have any other recommendations to add to this list? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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